The Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security has issued a public notice clarifying that no bilateral agreement or memorandum of understanding has been signed between Sierra Leone and the governments of the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, or Australia for the deployment of manpower to these countries.

The Ministry emphasizes that the circulating information on social media regarding such an agreement is entirely false and misleading.

Sierra Leoneans are urged to exercise caution and refrain from applying for any jobs based on this misinformation, as it has the potential to lead to fraudulent activities, exploitation, and even human trafficking.

The Ministry stresses that the responsible authorities are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of job seekers seeking overseas opportunities, and any announcements related to employment opportunities should be verified directly with the Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security.

While the false notice attempts to derail the Ministry’s efforts to facilitate safe and regulated migration for job seekers, the Government of Sierra Leone remains dedicated to creating job opportunities for its citizens. Over the next five years, the Ministry aims to generate 500,000 jobs and will continue to engage with foreign governments to explore and secure legitimate employment prospects.

Sierra Leoneans are encouraged to stay vigilant and rely on verified sources of information to avoid falling victim to scams or misleading announcements.

The Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security is dedicated to upholding the interests and welfare of its citizens in all matters related to overseas employment.

For accurate and reliable information regarding job opportunities, individuals are advised to verify announcements directly through the Ministry of Employment, Labour and Social Security.