The Office of the Administrator and Registrar General has implemented significant revisions to the fees associated with Marriage Certificates, impacting both Muslim and Christian unions.

The fees for obtaining Marriage Certificates for these religious ceremonies have been adjusted from NLe75 to NLe150, marking a notable increase.

This adjustment comes as a result of The Government Finance Act, 2024, which stipulates the new fee structure for various official documents, including Marriage Certificates. The decision to revise these fees is rooted in the broader financial considerations outlined in the act.

Specifically, Muslim and Christian couples seeking official recognition of their marriages will now incur a higher cost of NLe150 for obtaining Marriage Certificates from the Office of the Administrator and Registrar General. This change reflects an effort to align the fees with current economic realities and administrative expenses associated with the certification process.

Notably, the revision doesn’t only apply to religious marriages; civil marriages are also affected by the updated fee structure. The fee for obtaining a Civil Marriage Certificate has increased substantially, rising from NLe600 to NLe1,500. This adjustment is expected to have implications for couples opting for civil unions, with the revised fee reflecting the government’s approach to financial management in line with the stipulations of The Government Finance Act, 2024.

As couples navigate the administrative processes of legalizing their marriages, they will need to be mindful of these revised fees, understanding the financial implications of the updated Marriage Certificate costs. The change underscores the government’s commitment to financial sustainability and the continued provision of essential services.