The Investigation Committee, assembled by President Bio, has submitted its findings regarding the extent, causes, and implications of human encroachment into the forest reserve area surrounding the Guma Dam and associated regions to President Bio

The investigation committee has a focus to “look into the extent, causes and implications of encroachment into the Western Area Peninsular National Park, and come up with recommendations that will guide and direct the GoSL in the process of reclaiming the encroached land and prevent further depletion of the forest reserve area precipitated by human activities.

Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh, shared thought on the report as he remains committed to seeing the future of the country “I read this Report, I am left to wonder on our shared future.

The Report is extensive and requires all of us to decide on our responsibilities to the State and our future. How do we ensure Freetown’s water source is protected? What precautions are we taking to prevent future disasters downstream of the dam?

What would happen if GoSL decides to fully reclaim the 2013 greenbelt area? How can officials of the State sell land to citizens in such an area? How can citizens buy land and build so close to the dam knowing the risks associated to it? What are our responsibilities to the ourselves, our community and our State? Disheartening report, but one with hope. The committee did a fine job. If we decide on a joint action, together We Will Deliver” he stated

He committed to protecting the actions that will protect the forest reserve as Chairman of the Steering Committee “I guarantee action. Our futures depend on it”