Sierra Leone is currently experiencing a rise in inflation as prices for food stuffs and other liked commodities continue to soar.

The recent stock to add to the list of inflated is the popular sachet water. The price of sachet water was increased about 50 percent for a sachet a day after the price of fuel increased to NLe 30 per litre.

Some sachet water company owners said the increment is to match the rising cost of living in the West African nation.

But the country’s Electricity, Water and Regulation Commission ERWC issued a warning to owners of sachet water companies amid the price increment.

EWRC’s Director of Economic Regulation, Brima Bah said the increment is illegal at this point.

We received an application recently sometime in August requesting for the increment of bundle water from 6 to 10 Leones.

“We have acknowledged the application but we cannot approve any document without any supporting data, so we have sent it back to them,” the EWRC Director of Economic Regulation said.

Bah added that their role is also to seek the interest of consumers.

He said any proposal brought to them will be looked into using scientific analysis.

EWRC did not deny an increment in sachet water in the near future but said an increment would have to be affordable for the local population.

Meanwhile, the Commission admonished water sachet companies selling above the required price to desist or risk being punished.