The Government of Sierra Leone in partnership with the Fambul Tok-Catalyst for Peace Foundation held a successful two days workshop on the 17th to 19th of October 2022 in Kono District to deliberate on the National Wan Fambul Framework.

During the Community Engagement with Stakeholders, Chiefs, and local people in Soa Chiefdom particular in communities like Manjama, Sangar, Kaborma, and other representatives from the Fambul Tok, Catalyst for Peace Foundation the Ministry of Local Government, Donor partners, and participants from Moyamba, Kailahun, Koinadugi shared their experiences on how to strengthen peacebuilding which would help create more space for development in their localities.

When addressing participants, Government officials, and Donor partners Executive Director of Fambul Tok John Tucker briefed the gathering about what his organization and Catalyst for peace Foundation have been doing in ensuring that there is peace in Sierra Leone by constantly engaging Authorities and local people for sustainable development in their communities. President of Catalyst for Peace Foundation Libby Hoffman expresses joy over their longtime working relationship with Fambul Tok in making sure that Community College people plan their development projects.
“If we always design plans without allowing them to be part of the decision making it would not bare good fruits”, she affirmed.

Speakon on behalf of Paramount Chiefs PC Tamba Emmanuel Foyoh 4 of Soa Chiefdom appropriated the government of Sierra Leone Fambul Tok-Catalyst for Peace foundation for designing the Wan Fambul National Framework with the Models of People’s Planning Process to them this model has created a concrete link between them and their subjects in development activities.

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh reassured Fambul Tok-Catalyst for Peace Foundation and participants present about the Government’s Commitment to the road map of the People’s Planning Process. He added that Government Projects will not be successful if the People are not placed in the center of Development, which is why the government of President Julius Maada Bio is creating the space for Community people to plan at the Section, Chiefdom, and District levels.

In the roundtable discussion, Donor partners, VP Juldeh Jalloh also shared his experience and the mode by which they are going to attract Partners in funding some of those projects. He mentioned that there should be Commitment, involvement of local Council Authorities, and Partnership.