The Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone through the Permanent Mission of Sierra Leone to the United Nations has nominated Prof. Osman Alimamy Sankoh COR, the Statistician General of Sierra Leone and CEO of Statistics Sierra Leone (Stats SL) as Vice-Chair of the 2022 Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC).

The nomination of Prof. Sankoh, commonly known as Mallam O., came as a result of the forthcoming 53rd session of the Statistical Commission which will be held in a virtual format from 28 February – 2 March and 4 March 2022 respectively.

Mallam O. was in March 2020 in New York unanimously elected as the Rapporteur of the UNSC in its 51st Session and unanimously re-elected in March 2021 after excellent and committed service to the UNSC.

His nomination as Vice-Chair elevates Sierra Leone’s contribution to this UN body that deliberates and decides on statistical policies and principles for the entire globe.

Prof. Sankoh was appointed Statistician General and CEO of Statistics Sierra Leone by the Statistics Council of Sierra Leone in April 2018.

While serving as Statistician General, Mallam O. jointly served Njala University as Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal from April 2020 to June 2021 and was able to make an indelible impact on the university.

Until joining Stats SL, Osman was the Executive Director of the INDEPTH Network, an international organization for the demographic evaluation of populations and their health in 20 low- and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.