Dr Simion Owizz Koroma, a pathologist at the Mortuary Department in the Connaught Government Hospital in Freetown has been suspended by the government of Sierra Leone.

Until his suspension, Owizz had served for over 25 years as the country’s only pathologist, notable for been performing autopsies on homicide cases to determine their cause or causes of deaths also giving expert evidence in court. He was also lecturer at the medical School.

In a leaked correspondence seen by Sierraloaded, the Permanent Secretary wrote “I write under the instructions of the Honourable Minister to refer you to the above and to inform you that your activities relating to pathology at the Mortuary Department at Connaught Hospital has been suspended and you are to proceed on leave effective immediately.”

The situation at the Connaught Mortuary was described as “desperate” making reference to the breakdown of the entire cooling system at the Mortuary which allowed bodies to be littered all over the Mortuary parlor as well as 40 destitutes bodies kept in the dis-functional refrigerator containers to decay.

The leaked correspondence also disclosed that Owizz had be invited by the Minister of Health to discuss the status of the Mortuary with the Minister, but he allegedly did not show up.

All this comes as workers allegedly went berserk and smeared the offices of the admin assistant with human excreta with warnings written that this was only the beginning.