Sierra Leone’s National Security Coordinator, Abdulai Caulker, addressed the ongoing border dispute with Guinea at the weekly government press conference. He acknowledged the long-standing nature of the Yenga issue, highlighting that each administration inherits the problem.

Mr. Caulker confirmed recent activity by the Guinean military, including construction work in the Yenga area. The government has responded by initiating diplomatic engagement, with Foreign Affairs Minister Timothy Kabba visiting Yenga over the weekend to assess the situation firsthand.

“Now more than ever,” Mr. Caulker declared, “the government is determined to lay the issue of Yenga to rest.” He expressed confidence in a swift resolution, assuring journalists that the Yenga situation will be addressed in the near future.

The Minister’s visit follows a recent assessment tour by a delegation including himself, Members of Parliament from Kissi Teng and Kissi Kama, and security personnel from the Kailahun District.

The head of Guinea’s Armed Forces (GAF) in Nongoa claims their presence in Yenga is for security purposes, ensuring the safety of citizens from both Sierra Leone and Guinea. They maintain there have been no incidents of violence, harassment, or intimidation since their deployment.

Following the Yenga visit, the Minister and his team proceeded to Koindu town for a further meeting with local residents, aiming to provide them with feedback on the delegation’s findings.

The visit revealed that GAF has deployed approximately 100 personnel to Yenga, allegedly for the purpose of establishing a training base.