1: There are those who thought that President Bio will never be president and can’t still believe how it happened. So they are worried if president Bio succeed in transforming Sierra Leone, it will be a huge task for anyone of the traditional “politicians” to taste state power or to influence a group of people.

2: The second group are the powerful elites. It’s painful for them considering the fact that they took all their time reading political science while our proactive president was making headlines in the military. What is more pathetic is the fact that,none of them mastered Bio in his own game. They are fighting to prove to the world that Bio is unfit.

3: The third group of people are the former appointed officials who feel that government job is their birth right and they will die doing it. These people never thought of leaving power to the extend that they didn’t invest for their own future and little did they realize that others are qualified to do the job as well. You can’t do anything to make such people appreciate the government unless you reappoint them. They also want to prove to the world that, the president is unfit.

4: Organization of the media hustlers. They are trained to make money through fake news spread and negative propaganda and at the end get paid by big guys. They don’t make thorough analysis independently to understand the real issues, they listen and misconstruct their mindset with falsehood forum with their so-called media heroes. This group is used to extend the falsehood without any specific benefits to themselves.

5: The fifth group involves individuals within President Bio SLPP party itself. Whether they were elected by SLPP, appointed by the president or administering activities at the party’s level. President Bio is facing serious problems from his own party unknown to himself.