The Government of Guinea through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises has called for the withdrawal and extermination of 24-hour drink from their markets.

According to the Guinea authorities, the energy drink produced in Sierra Leone is contaminated and not suitable for consumption.

The Guinean authorities accused the company that produces the said drinks of commercial fraud under Article 3 of Law L/003/AN/of 04 July 2021, on Control of Food, Goods, and Food Service.

They said that the company producing the “24-hour Energy drink” is clandestine and is hiding behind an American company named ‘SABEV’ to deceive the public with  substandard and contaminated drinks.

24 hours Energy (production date December to the present day, volume 330 ml and 500 ml) belonging to the American Beverages Company (SABEV) Sarl and given the inspection report dated January 04, 2023,” they stated.

The Guinean government then called on all of its citizens to stop buying and consuming the drink, and encourage all local and regional authorities to join the fight and protect the uninformed public.

Meanwhile, concerns have also be being raised by Sierra Leoneans for the government to investigate the product and subsequently place a ban outside circulation.

The influx of energy drinks in Sierra Leone poses s serious health threat to the youth population. We are proud of the Guinean Government for taking the right decision and we are calling on the Government of Sierra Leone to do the same,” said Mohamed Kamara, a concerned citizen.

The said energy drink is in huge circulation in Sierra Leone and the authorities are doing nothing about it.

However, according to the company’s representative in Sierra Leone, the 24-hour energy drink they produced has been certified by the Standards Bureau and it poses no health hazards.

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