One of Africa’s most respected and highly-placed traditional musicians from Guinea Sekouba Bambino, who is in Sierra Leone to grace a highly anticipated musical concert, has paid a courtesy visit at the residence of the President of the Mandingo Union of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Dr. Mansa Kanja Sesay in Freetown.

The Mamayah Fundraiser, which the talented singer is in Sierra Leone to grace as the guest artiste, will be hold at the Bintumani International Hotel and is expected to entice philharmonics of Mandingo traditional songs.

Mansa Kanja Sesay welcomed his brother and thanked him for honouring the invitation. He said Sekouba’s performance last year at the same social function endeared many to his style and genre of traditional music.

He assured him that fans were ready to go out in droves to support and watch him perform.

Sekouba has a reputation for being a prime performer, lighting up orchestras and neatly weaving social messages into songs in his traditional Mandingo tongue.