Guma Valley Water Company is the body given the mandate to provide water facilities to homes in the municipality of Freetown. Guma Valley Water Company relies principally on a single source, the Guma Dam, with over 90% of the total water supply to Freetown supplied from the Guma Dam and the Guma Water Treatment Plant at Mile 13.

Other sources include Kongo Dam, Sugar Loaf, Charlotte Weir, Blue Cemetery, White Water, etc.; however, all these secondary sources are seasonal and only supply during the rainy season to early dry season period.

The company has on Friday 1st April 2022 released notice to the public on the disruption of mains of water supply to Murray town, lower juba and Cassava farm areas as a result of ongoing road works.

The company in the notice made it clear that, water supply to Murray town, lower juba and cassava farm area is temporarily unavailable. And advised that customers should exercise patience the management is taking immediate action to replace the damage mains, so that normal supply service will resume as soon as possible.

See Public Notice: