The Guma Valley Water Company has announced the recommencement of water supply to several areas following the restoration of power to its pumping station at the Spur Road Reservoir. This development comes as a significant relief to residents and businesses affected by the recent outage.

In an official statement released on May 19, 2024, the management of Guma Valley Water Company expressed their gratitude to customers for their patience and understanding during the disruption. The power restoration has allowed the company to resume pumping water to multiple areas, including Wilberforce and its main motor road, the upper part of Spur Road, Spur Loop, Freetown Road in Wilberforce, Wilberforce Military Barracks, Hill Station (particularly around Lucy Drive), Signal Hill, and Upper Tengbeh Town.

The outage, which had impacted the daily lives of many residents, had brought attention to the critical importance of uninterrupted power supply for essential services like water distribution. The Guma Valley Water Company, a key provider of water in Freetown, worked diligently to restore services as swiftly as possible once the power issue was resolved.

We are pleased to inform our customers and the general public that power supply has been restored to our pumping station at the Spur Road Reservoir,” the statement read. “Consequently, pumping of water supply to the affected areas has recommenced.

Residents in the affected areas had to rely on alternative water sources, which often meant purchasing water from vendors or traveling to other parts of the city where water supply was unaffected. The resumption of regular water service is expected to alleviate the inconvenience and additional expenses incurred during the outage.

Community leaders and local officials have welcomed the news, urging residents to continue using water responsibly and report any issues promptly to ensure the stability of the supply. The Guma Valley Water Company has reiterated its commitment to providing reliable water services and assured the public that measures are being put in place to prevent future disruptions.