May 23rd, 2024, marks International Fistula Day, and HAIKA of BO is celebrating in collaboration with prominent organizations such as UNFPA, Restless Development, Aberdeen Women’s Centre, and many others.

The campaign to end obstetric fistula focuses on critical issues such as teenage pregnancy and the necessity of delivering at village hospitals. Fistula often starts at an early age, and addressing these root causes is essential.

Parents are urged to be vigilant and to warn their daughters about the dangers of taking energetic drugs from boyfriends, which can increase their exposure to harm. This awareness is a crucial step in preventing the condition.

HAIKA of BO emphasizes the urgent need to act now to end obstetric fistula in Sierra Leone by 2030. The organization calls on the community to join the national and international efforts.

The activities climaxed at the Bo Government Hospital, bringing together stakeholders and supporters to raise awareness and drive action towards this vital goal.