President Bio has on Tuesday said that the hardest challenge his government has faced is the rise in the cost of living resulting from the multiple global shocks.

This statement was made during the launching of the People’s Manifesto 2023 in Kenema at the Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabba hall, Eastern Technical University of Sierra Leone Campus. The manifesto is titled “the new direction: consolidating gains and accelerating transformation.”

Bio who is seeking re-election for a five-year second term in office said his resolve has been to do everything possible to shield the people from these numerous economic shocks.

We have ensured that essential commodities are available in the country even when others experienced prolonged shortages. We invested to boost local food production”. He maintained.

This event marked an important step towards addressing the current situation in the country, as it signaled the official launch of the Manifesto. Concerns have been raised by citizens regarding the rising cost of living, and President Bio acknowledged that this is a result of multiple global shocks. He reassured the public that his government is diligently working to address this issue.

President Bio expressed his motivation to build upon the achievements they have made and the determination to do even more if given a second mandate. He humbly acknowledged the responsibility of leading the SLPP into another election, emphasizing the commitment he made to the people of Sierra Leone five years ago.

Furthermore, he emphasized that his government has implemented the necessary policies to support the success of their agenda.

” This is an agenda that promises to consolidate the gains we have and to take advantage of new opportunities we have created. While addressing emerging challenges, our vision remains to get Sierra Leone to a middle-income status by 2030. we believe we have put the right policies in place to support this agenda”. he stated.