An Assistant Commissioner of Police Mira Dumbuya has tendered her resignation after serving the Sierra Leone Police for 17 years and 8 months.

In her resignation letter, she cited unexplained injustices as the reason for her departure, despite her pride in her service and appreciation for the opportunities provided to her.

Dumbuya lamented the unjust treatment she had endured over time. “I have sadly concluded that it is time to resign from the Sierra Leone Police based on some unexplainable injustices that have been meted on me overtime,” she wrote. Despite her dedication to her career, she found herself unable to continue due to circumstances causing her and her family discomfort.

Dumbuya highlighted her pride in serving with the Sierra Leone Police and acknowledged the support she received from past Inspector Generals, which facilitated her professional growth. She emphasized her honorable service, having never been investigated or disciplined for any misconduct during her tenure.

However, Dumbuya also expressed her disappointment in the lack of support for female officers of her caliber within the force. She recounted instances where her efforts to advocate for promotions for women were disregarded, leading to her feeling marginalized and punished.

Dumbuya was enlisted into the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) in 2006 and has worked in various units and division before she got transferred to the United States, United Nations Headquarters, New York, as a Police Planning Officer.