In a press briefing on Tuesday, Hawa Samai, the Executive Secretary of the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion (ICPNC), clarified the significance of the Tripartite Agreement within the broader context of Sierra Leone’s political resolutions.

The agreement is just one of eight resolutions agreed upon by the country’s two major political parties, part of the Unity Agreement outlined as Resolution 3 from the Bintumani Peace Conference.

Samai emphasized the importance of understanding that the Tripartite Agreement, while significant, is only a fraction of the Unity Agreement’s extensive resolutions. “Even the MOU signed by the two political party stakeholders is part of Resolution 7, which has been agreed upon and published,” she noted. This statement highlights the comprehensive nature of the Bintumani resolutions, underscoring that the public often overlooks their entirety.

She further elaborated on the critical components of the Unity Agreement, stressing the need for increased public awareness and understanding of the entire peace process. Samai pointed out that the main contention surrounding the Tripartite Agreement has been largely misinterpreted by the public.

The resolution mandates the President to form an APC party cross-section committee, alongside representatives from the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and an independent body, to scrutinize the electoral system and its management, especially in light of the 2023 electoral cycle.

This committee, she explained, aims to enhance collaboration on verification, publication, and data management in accordance with international best practices. The management body, formed with inputs from both the APC and the Government of Sierra Leone, consists of fourteen members who have developed a communication and delivery framework. They have also critically analyzed the electoral legal system and relevant institutional reports.

Samai assured the public that there is still an opportunity for citizens to contribute to this process. Recommendations are welcomed until June 19, the deadline for the final report. This openness underscores the commitment to inclusivity and transparency in enhancing Sierra Leone’s electoral system.

By highlighting these points, Samai sought to ensure that the public understands the comprehensive nature of the peace and cohesion efforts, encouraging active citizen participation in the ongoing dialogue and reform processes.