Hawa Tombo, the wife Sierra Leone’s footballer, Musa Noah Kamara popularly known as ‘Musa Tombo’ has on a video shared on social media accused United States based reality TV show aspirant, Julie Tombo of sleeping with her husband.

In the video, Hawa disclosed range of issues and challenges she has been facing in her marital life.

She continued by expressing her disappointment at Julie Tombo for going to the extreme of sleeping with her husband on their matrimonial bed while she traveled to Ghana.

Hawa added that, people do not know her, and yet judging and saying mean things about her, not knowing what she is going through.

“People who do not know anything about me are saying things about me which they should not say because they hardly know me” she cried.

The wife of Musa Tombo explained that she had gone through a lot and still going through a lot in her matrimonial home, adding that she been fighting with different approaches all for the sake of Musa including traditional fetish means “Juju”.

Hawa reiterated her unflinching loyalty to her husband, noting that she will always stick with him even if she caught him on top of another woman.

She said that if Julie thinks sleeping with her husband in order to make a name over her, she is just selling herself cheap to her husband.

Hawa furthered that she has been the breadwinner of the family for months now due to Musa not having time at home and spending most of his time and money in the street.

She noted that many people had been trying to take her out of the picture because they thought she is destroying Musa’s football career.

She however noted that one day Musa and every Sierra Leonean will realize her importance in his life, adding that through prayers she will overcome all of her challenges.

On her concluding statements, she vividly made it clear to Julie and cohort, Cassada Kitchen that she has never been afraid of them not even a little bit, but she chose to relax on her corner for reasons.

Hawa added that she has evidence of what transpired between Julie and Musa Tombo on her matrimonial bed captured from her hidden camera in the room.

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