In addition to inform Sierra Leoneans that her divorce video was a prank, Hawa Tombo posted another video explaining how much she loves Musa Tombo and appreciated Sierra Leoneans for their concerns.

She stated that her prank was to celebrate their 9 months relationship. She laughed and asked Sierra Leoneans why are they not taking prank. She thanked them for the love as she received many calls.

Hawa Tombo brought the issue of the audio that talked about being in relationship with Leone Stars defender, Steven Caulker.  She debunked the news. “I never cheated on my husband and I don’t know how to cheat when I’m in a relationship and never say ‘yes’ to any other man.” She spoke. She expressed her love for Musa Tombo “I love my husband from the bottom of my heart” she expressed. She described her relationship status to Musa Tombo “I am Mrs. Kamara 001, no duplicate no photocopy” she declared.

Hawa Tombo apologized to Sierra Leoneans for pranking them. She said the concerns raised by Sierra Leoneans has made her noticed how much they care and love them. She expressed her love for everyone and called on Sierra Leoneans to celebrate with them as they clocked 9 months in their relationship.