The Nominated Mayoral Candidate for the National Democratic Alliance Party (NDA), Sheriff Barrie has said that, they have the silent majority to win the 24th June election in the nation’s capital Freetown.

He disclosed in an interview that, voters and citizens have been in bondage for over 62 years now as Freetown lacks many social and basic amenities and to get things running properly. He informed the people that, having him as an aspiring candidate for the mayoral position is of a great help and fulfilment of the many cries the people have gone through.

“The NDA is the third oldest party which have taken twenty eight years. We have what we called the silence majority, which is more than those that come on the street and dance, the silence majority are the people that have suffered a lot, the silence majority are those that have the number and power that will ensure winning for me on the 24th June 2023. NDA has the largest crowd in Freetown and in the country at large. The crowd you see outside are rented crowds and very deceptive and at the end of the day, they will have the crowd and we may have the winning”. He said.

He called on his supporters and everyone not to be carried away by the made up crowds for other political parties, assuring all that, NDA has the real crowd that is ready to change the narratives.

He commends the nomination process at ECSL as a very transparent and simple one. He called on all to vote wisely and assured that, his party is committed to peace and respects the views of Sierra Leoneans.