Despite the competition from aspiring Housemate Salone Season 3 contestant; Julie Tombo, the queen of social media, Hawa Tombo performed ‘Leh Dem Tok’ by rapper Boss La.

Hawa Tombo has been in tough competition with Julie in fighting for Musa Tombo. Despite she is legally married to the football star, she felt threatened by the words of Julie stating that she is coming for Musa.

This made Musa Tombo to drop a video warning Julie to stay away from him which according to sources, Hawa was the script writer. In the video, Musa Tombo stated that she can’t marry a woman with six children. However, Sierra Leoneans condemned the statement of the football star and bashed at Hawa for directing him on the things that he said.

This social media bashing didn’t stop the social media queen from enjoying as she shared a video performing ‘Leh Dem Tok’ by popular rapper, Boss La.