As Musa Tombo battles for his life at the Bo Government hospital after stabbing himself, wife of the celebrity Hawa Tombo has on a TikTok video disclosed her own side of the story over Musa’s saga.

Stating the reasons she has been defending Musa over the past months, Hawa disclosed that she did it out of marital relationship bond and love. She added that all that she went through for Musa was in her thoughts that Musa worth it as her husband.

Knowing that she has had controversies with rivals of Musa and social media in-laws, Hawa affirmed that there was a time she wanted to take her decision to divorce Musa as a result of allegations of marrying Musa because of his status. This she disclaimed has never been any of her reasons for loving Musa.  She continued that Musa had met her cruising her own drive before he came into her life.

“Musa did not meet me as an idler. My first cruise was a FG and later switched to G volex car models. Musa met me as an independent women…” she affirmed.

Continuing her story, she admonished colleague wives in the same marital situations to learn to be independent in their marital home and stop depending on their mother-in-laws or husband as this will help them great. She continued that Musa is not her last man and that she can switch if she chooses.

“Leaving Musa doesn’t mean I cannot find a better husband than Musa if I decided to quit” she explained this as she consoled housewives in the same marital constraints.

On the alleged present of VP Juldeh Jalloh to Musa Tombo after his marvelous performance in the AFCON group stage in Cameroon, Hawa Tombo vividly affirmed that the present was not as the media and the public were told, but from the hard end money of Musa Tombo painted to be a present. She continued that before the vehicle was bought, she advised as wife but Musa chose his decision over her suggestions.

With dismay and stressed Hawa Tombo surprised the media stating that Musa’s land gift given to Leone Stars Players as stated by the government of Sierra Leone was later sold without her knowledge as a wife.