Violence can negatively affect women’s physical, mental, sexual, and reproductive health. There have been countless sensitization and seminars explaining its impacts to the victim and the society. As the fight to end violence against women and girls continued, former Miss Universe Sierra Leone 2016, Hawa Turay popularly known as Hawawa has joined Rainbow Initiative in their Walk with Gender Base Violence (GBV) Survivors.

GBV is one of the challenges global issues to tackle, we have seen seminars, community organizations, schools preached about the dangers of practicing violence. Notwithstanding the fact that there are still some who are yet to desist from the act, it unarguably true that there has been improvements when compared to previous years.

Gender Base Violence is a global issue that must be tackled and should always be considered a fight that everyone should be concerned about and joined the fight.

Rape and any forms of violence against women and girl child should always be a fight for all irrespective of the victim not directly connected to you. When such cases rise, we must pledge never to hide them secretly and perpetrators should be thoroughly dealt with when found guilty.

For outstanding services performed over the years in Sierra Leone, Hawawa appreciated the Rainbow Initiative for providing free medical and psycho-social support for rape survivors for over two decades now.

As the body honour the 16 days of Activism of GBV in Sierra Leone, Hawawa encouraged all to join their SURVIVOR WALK schedule to take place on Saturday 3rd December, 2022 to continue the fight against rape and Gender Base Violence.

In support of this campaign and inorder to raise funds to do its intended cause, Rainbow Initiative Tshirts are sold at Nle 130. Hawawa in her generous spirit unveiled that she is willing to make 10 giveaways to the first 10 that hit her inbox and her shop Hawawa Boutique at 68 Pademba Road Freetown.