The Chairman of the Council of Tribal Heads in the Western Area, Sahr Orlando Gbekie on Thursday 9th March 2023 applauded the Minister of Local Government and Community Affairs, Tamba Lamina for his smooth processes that lead to the appointment of Tribal Heads.

The Chairman confessed the council’s admiration of Minister Lamina during the official recognition of Chief Kandeh Sorie K. Kamara as the Tribal Head for the Loko Ethnic Group in Freetown.

Before this time, the appointment of Tribal Heads was characterized by series of confusion and violence, which was why certain Ethnic Groups were without Tribal Heads for over 3 to 4 years or more, but since Minister Lamina took over the leadership of the Local Government Ministry we have had smooth and transparent processes of appointments of Tribal Heads.

This has fostered unity amongst the Ethnic Groups in Freetown and by extension made our work very easy. As we welcome our brother today into our fold, we would like to thank President Bio for the leadership of this Ministry,” he confessed while praying for Amb. Lamina and team for God’s guidance and protection over their lives.

In his statement, Minister of Local Government Tamba Lamina said as a Ministry which is responsible for 22 Local Councils, 190 Chiefdoms, and Regional and District Administrations, its key mandates are to maintain peace and stability in all Communities and appoint Tribal Heads for all Ethnic Groups that live in Freetown.

He added that the actions of his leadership are in fulfillment of President Bio’s agenda of restoring the dignity of Chieftaincy in Sierra Leone.

He maintained that the Ministry officially recognized Chief Kandeh Sorie K. Kamara as the Tribal Head of the Loko Ethnic Group.

The minister noted that the Government is expecting him to maintain peace and stability among his tribes’ men, interpreted the Government’s policies to them, uphold the traditional values of his tribe, and to also promote their cultures and traditions by the law.

He highlighted a series of successes that the Government has achieved over the 5 years in governance ranging from education, health, Agriculture, and infrastructure citing the Free Quality Education, construction of a new Airport and roads for the country, the review of the Local Government Act which has given Tribal Heads the power to sit in Councils’ meeting as few examples.

He ended by informing the gathering that the hardship that everyone is experiencing now is not limited to Sierra Leone but a global crisis as stronger economies have gone down on their knees due to the current state of affairs in the world.

The Director of Local Government, Brima Newman Combey, explained that the act of appointing Tribal Heads is enshrined in Cap 78 of the Chieftaincy Ordinance and that it involves consultations and a thorough screening to be sure that the person appointed is the choice of their people.

He ended by urging the Chief to work in harmony with his people and the other Tribal Heads.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs Alusine Joque and climaxed with a vote of thanks by the newly appointed Chief who promised to work with the advice of the Minister.