Austin Demby, Minister of Health and Sanitation has commissioned a new ultramodern northern region blood transfusion center in Makeni.

Minister Demby maintained that the facility may serve to collect, process, store and distribute safe blood to the entire region which is the effort of President Bio in making sure that the help system in the country is unique and sustainable as well as serves to improve the lives of every Sierra Leonean.

It is noted that, the Northern Area Regional Blood Transfusion Center was funded by the Italian government (AICS) a projected that was implemented by the Italian Association for Solidarity Amoung People (AISPO) and was commissioned by the minister of health and sanitation.

The minister has also earlier informed the public of President Bioโ€™s effort in lighting six government hospitals a project that was launched and having 11 pending to boost the health sector. He maintained that, they are very determined the electrify hospitals using renewable solar power in the country.