Sierra Leone’s Minister of Health and Sanitation, Austin Demby has hosted a team from the Project Hope organization on discussions around sustainable healthcare improvement in the country.

Demby’s initiative is a cornerstone of his transformative health campaign aimed at propelling Sierra Leone’s health sector into modernity.

During the meeting, Minister Demby and members of Project Hope explored avenues for ongoing collaboration to enhance healthcare services in the country. Emphasizing the critical importance of healthcare outcomes across various life stages, Demby expressed optimism about the country’s potential to achieve significant progress, crediting President Bio’s dedication to the cause.

Project Hope is a global health and humanitarian relief organization dedicated to empowering healthcare workers worldwide to save lives. As a non-governmental and non-profit entity, Project Hope has been actively engaged with numerous countries, including Sierra Leone, in recent times.

The Project Hope team commended Minister Demby’s focus on critical life stages and expressed eagerness to redouble efforts toward shared goals.

Minister Demby also shared positive outcomes from an intensive two-week review conducted in Sierra Leone, highlighting the promising results of the exit interview on the Global Fund.

“We are fully committed to concluding GC-6 on a high note as we gear up for GC-7 programs addressing HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, and health systems,” Demby affirmed, underscoring the government’s unwavering dedication to healthcare advancements.