The residents of Moyamba are facing significant challenges as heavy rain showers descend upon the region, hindering the voting process in the ongoing elections.

Voters are struggling to find proper shelter to cast their votes, resulting in a lower-than-expected turnout. Despite the adverse weather conditions, dedicated individuals are still making their way to the polling stations to exercise their democratic right.

The current rainfall in Moyamba has caused a scarcity of suitable ventilated areas for voters, making it difficult for them to find appropriate spaces to mark their ballots. Although the turnout has been affected, there is still a steady stream of citizens braving the rain to participate in the electoral process.

Experts attribute the lower voter turnout to the layout of the polling stations. Many major centers in the region have been assigned more than five polling stations. This clustering has led to a significant surge in voters during the early hours, particularly between 7 am and 12 pm. Consequently, a large number of people managed to cast their votes during this period, despite the inclement weather conditions.

As of now, the election materials remain safe despite the rain’s disruptive impact. However, the heavy downpour has discouraged many potential voters from leaving their homes. With only an hour remaining until the polls close, the residents of Moyamba face serious challenges due to the persistent rain.

Local authorities and election officials are working diligently to address the situation and ensure that every eligible voter has an opportunity to participate in the democratic process. Efforts are being made to provide adequate shelter and ventilation for voters, even in the face of the adverse weather conditions.