Helena Kallon is the latest victim of slanderous sex video making rounds on social media.

This libelous and unholy act was done by a certain unscrupulous group out of malice and hatred for the innocent young girl. They have sorted her picture from TIKTOK and Facebook page and made a slanderous sex video of unusual combination and sent in different fora on social media.

The innocent university young lad was tagged in a pornographic video and posted on social media viral.

Since her attention was drawn to the pornographic montage video by some people who hold her in high esteem, the innocent girl’s family has reported the matter to the Cybercrime Unit at the Criminal Investigation Department CID Headquarters.

The investigation has been heightened and the culprits will soon be found and charged in court.

It could be recalled that it was the same group that tagged the picture of one of her close friends, who was just married in a pornographic video that almost destroyed her marriage when it went viral on social media.