As Limkokwing University Government Sponsored Students begged for help, Sierra Leonean rapper, Boss LA has asked for the help of the government and other people to help the students pay their fees to continue their studies.

Limkokwing University is a Malaysian University that was brought by the previous government. In a form of encouraging Sierra Leoneans, the previous government offered scholarships to certain number of Sierra Leonean students. The students have spent three years in the university when a change of government took place in 2018. The present government have refused to pay their fees.

An investigation was launched by the Anti-Corruption Commission which they said there were irregularities in awarding the scholarships. The present government also said the cost of the fees is too expensive compare to the government owned Universities.

In that light, the students were asked to take their transcripts and transfer to other universities to continue their courses. This has made things difficult for them as they can’t afford to pay their fees so that they can continue their studies.

In the early hours of today, the students took to the street and start begging for help from the public. As a rapper who always represent his people, he took the issue to his Facebook page and pleaded to the government on behalf of the students.