The producers of the Housemates Salone Yagba Season on Wednesday, 13 July 2022, announced the return of Juliet Konya Sesay, otherwise known as ‘Juju Jeks’ to the reality TV show, after she was previously evicted from the show due to health reasons, according to her Management team.

The Housemates Salone announcement reads:

“WELCOME back to the Big House Juliet Konya Sesay #36 (Juju Jeks) as you continue your amazing journey. Juju Jeks is among the outstanding Housemates who have been INvicted (not EVicted) – brought back into the Big House.

” I am here to tell my own side of the true story and the reasons for leaving and coming back to Housemates Salone reality TV show. It’s time to play the game and set the records straight.”

In another viral video on TikTok, Juju Jeks stated that she was excited to come back to the house, noting that it was great she got a comeback and the opportunity to set the record straight.

In an earlier Housemates Fanzone interview with Huria Bangurah, Juju Jeks explained that it was her management decision not to vote for her because of illness while she was in the house. She noted that the Management team took a wise decision not to vote for her as the team wanted her to be evicted so she can focus on her health.