High Court Judge, Hon. Justice Dr. Abou Bhakarr Binneh-Kamara, has been designated as the inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Law at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone (USL).

This groundbreaking decision aligns with the provisions outlined in Section 38 of the Universities Act of 2021, solidifying Dr. Binneh-Kamara’s pivotal role in shaping the legal education landscape.

As the newly appointed Dean, Dr. Binneh-Kamara is set to undertake a myriad of responsibilities in accordance with the designated section of the Universities Act. His wealth of experience as a High Court Judge positions him as an exemplary leader poised to bring invaluable insights to the academic realm. The appointment reflects the university’s commitment to fostering excellence and innovation within its legal education offerings.

The Faculty of Law at Fourah Bay College has long been regarded as a cornerstone of legal education in Sierra Leone, and the selection of Hon. Justice Dr. Abou Bhakarr Binneh-Kamara to lead as its first Dean further cements its standing. Colleagues and well-wishers extend heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Binneh-Kamara on this momentous achievement, recognizing the significance of his role in shaping the future of legal studies at the university.

This milestone appointment not only acknowledges Dr. Binneh-Kamara’s outstanding contributions to the legal field but also signifies a progressive step forward for legal education in Sierra Leone. The university community eagerly anticipates the positive impact of Dr. Binneh-Kamara’s leadership as he assumes his role as the inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Law, Fourah Bay College, USL.