Becklyn Royals School, Becklyn Nursery and Becklyn Academy are the investments of the Webber family in the country. the investments are focused on educating the girl and boy – child to become productive and better citizens of Sierra Leone.

The transformers for the realization of the productive and better sierra leone Have been Strangled by the proprietors. they were left with no alternative but to seek redress in the court of law get the proprietors honour their obligations. Effort at the initial stage which took into account negotiation boomeranged and produced no better dividend.

Several attempts for an easy resolution did not produce the expected result, until the final effort which is the law court Building that succeeded in getting the demands of the teachers to be met. they went home happily with confidence that there is justice however long it takes judgement has been delivered in Favour of the suffering teachers who had spent months without receiving a dime from the proprietors  some of them were evicted  from their homes due to inability to pay their rents some couldn’t take proper care of their children because the proprietors of these chains of schools have refused to pay them their salaries with one accord , they galvanized their effort with maximum courage to get what is due them that they have been deprived of

The court handed down a judgement, ordering the defendants to pay all claims and backlogs owned to the suffering teachers by the proprietors of the school. the judgement of the court has added more pain to Webber family who are the owners and proprietors of the chains of schools than envisaged  it has not only tormented them , but subjected them into a protracted and wild thinking of how the Financial demand could be met to avoid a breach of the court judgement or order of the court . meanwhile, they have secretly opened an account at the Access Banks, were deposits of school fees and other payments from parents are kept disregarding and leaving other accounts that were established in other commercial Banks dormant.

As if this recent legal cane used to flog the Webbers is not enough to contain their excesses and transformed them to positive reforms of humanity and not self -centeredness and the next legal cane will be detrimental to them to positive reformers of Humanity and not Self-centeredness and the next legal cane will be detrimental to them than what they are going through , as  Lawyer Williams is putting pen to papers to file a private criminal sermon against Emeric Webber for a number of criminal offences that ranged from malicious damaged to nonpayment of rent for a period of three months .

The plaintiff in the matter is the owner of an 8- Bedrooms flat located at Goderich, which was occupied by Apostle Emeric Webber and family while putting up his private home he had resided at the residence of Aminata Marah who lives in United Kingdom.

Apostle Emeric Webber reportedly maliciously damaged furniture, tiles, toilet facilities and other facilities installed for the use of occupants of house.

Standard Times Newspaper reports that, the two-storey house was left damaged and destroyed by the tenancy of Apostle Webber, who is now shifting the blame for the destruction of people he called is “BOYS” he has however admitted to the Lawyer that he overstayed and was prepared to pay the difference which the landlady has pegged at US$2,500 (Two thousand five Hundred Dollars)

Regarding the damages and destruction on the property and the cost relative to repairs of the property, that has been estimated at Le 47Million (Forty-Seven Million Leones). A meeting has been scheduled today by the parties and if a positive decision is not reached, Apostle Emeric Webber will find himself in court.