In a parliamentary discussion on the issue of the Sierra Leonean territory in Yenga, Honorable Hindolo Ngevao who is representing Kailahun District under the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) calls on the government and international intervention in the resolution of the Sierra Leone -Guinea border issue, specifically addressing the presence of Guinean soldiers encroaching on Sierra Leonean territory in Yenga.

Honorable Ngevao continued by expressing grave concern over the military structures erected by Guinean soldiers along the shores of Sierra Leone in Yenga.

He highlighted the detrimental impact on local farmers and residents in Kailahun District, Eastern Sierra Leone. He stressed the urgency for diplomatic intervention to compel the Guinean soldiers to vacate the Sierra Leonean side of Yenga.

He warned that the Guinean soldiers be stopped at Yenga today else they will one day claim Koindu town.

Hon. Ngevao cautioned on the gravity of the situation and the potential for escalation.

Hon. Ngevao urges the government to take decisive action like diplomatic or, if necessary, forceful measures to reclaim Yenga from Guinean control. He reaffirmed Sierra Leone’s readiness to defend its territory against any encroachment.

In his remarks, Hon. Sahr Matthew Nyuma underlined the seriousness of the Yenga issue while advocating for exhaustive diplomatic efforts to address the dispute.

Hon. Mohammed Bangura of APC, Kareneh District echoed his opinion, urging the deputy defense minister to devise a comprehensive plan to tackle the Yenga issue. He asserted that although Sierra Leone may be small in size, its determination to protect its territorial virtue, however, remains strong.

Towards these calls for action, MPs from Kailahun District united in demanding instantaneous and robust criteria to address the predicament of their constituents encountering harassment by Guinean soldiers at the Yenga border. They denounce the chronological neglect of the Yenga issue by consecutive governments and stressed the need for urgent attention.

Hon. Veronica Kadie Sesay, acting as speaker of parliament, exhorted caution against resorting to military engagements, citing the devastating consequences of past conflicts. She underscored the importance of pursuing peaceful resolutions to avoid further bloodshed.

Responding to parliamentary inquiries, Colonel Muana Brima Massaquoi, the deputy minister of defense, assured MPs of the government’s commitment to resolving the Yenga issue through diplomatic channels. He reaffirmed ongoing diplomatic engagements with Guinean counterparts, underscoring the priority placed on finding a peaceful resolution.

As tensions simmer over the Yenga border dispute, Sierra Leonean lawmakers are advocating for diplomacy, unity, and decisive action to safeguard the nation’s territorial integrity and protect the welfare of its citizens.