Terror-D, a Sierra Leonean rapper based in Australia has criticized the idea of hosting MTV MAMA awards in Sierra Leone.

According to Terror-D in an interview with Celebrity Alpha Male Talks (CAMT), he said if they host MTV MAMA Awards in Sierra Leone, foreign musicians will come to the country and when they attend clubs at night, DJs in the clubs will play foreign music. Foreigners especially Nigerians will feel proud of controlling Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry, he added.

The rapper continues saying that the industry does not have control as foreign music has dominated the industry. He said Nigerian musicians will only feel competitive when they go clubs and they hear the songs of Emmerson, Drizilik, Terror-D himself, Kao Denero and other musicians. Through that, Nigerian musicians will start seeking collaboration from Sierra Leonean musicians in order to win the market. Until Sierra Leone music dominate foreign music before thinking of hosting MTV MAMA Awards. If not, hosting the awards will not add anything to their industry; he emphasized.

The CEO of Mic City said he is not against the idea of hosting the awards in Sierra Leone as efforts have been made by Ambassador Kao Denero and the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Maada Bio to host MTV MAMA Awards. He urged them to continue with their plans. But he wants the hosting to be paused for now and Maada Bio to enact a law that will force DJs to play 95% Sierra Leone music in the clubs and radio stations. This will bring a blessing to Sierra Leone; he added.

The rapper also suggested of having a playlist of 30 songs that will be forcefully play in all the radio stations and clubs. Terror-D said he suggested the idea to Collabo; All Stars President but he never acted on it even though he knew the idea was brilliant. He hopes Ambassador Kao Denero will consider the idea and work on it. He continues saying that the songs on the playlist should not be selected base on sentiment and the songs should be replaced frequently as musicians keep releasing good songs. He gave example to himself that if he releases a bad song, it should not be included likewise if Boss La releases a song that is not 100% okay, it should not be added as well. By applying this method, Sierra Leone music will dominate foreign music.

The rapper touched on the promoters. He said the promoters should not wait until the artist send them the artwork. If they are promoters and they have interest in promoting Sierra Leone music, they should promote the song immediately it is released. For the fact that Sierra Leone music is not paying for now, they cannot able to work with all the promoters except the few they choose and pay them some amount; he added. He urged promoters to always share songs that are released by Sierra Leonean musicians as long as the songs are good. He pleaded to them not to be selfish and not to think of what they are getting today rather think of what they will get tomorrow.

Terror-D also shed light on DJs. The rapper made it clear that not all the DJs they will be able to pay. He urged them to play Sierra Leone music as long as the music is good. He said the music industry is not making any profit for them and no Sierra Leone artist has made 100,000 dollars on his music. He challenged any musician that will say he/she has made 100,000 dollars on his music. The rapper continues saying that if they pay every DJ to play their songs, they will take 10 years in the industry without making anything and at the end of the day, people will start mocking them.

The rapper brought an example of Boss La. He said Boss La was living the best life in Sierra Leone and he has changed lives of many Sierra Leoneans. Now that he based in Sierra Leone and getting intimidated, people always accuse of being idle and someone who likes to fight even when he is working very hard to represent Sierra Leone. Such messages from people are very discouraging; he added.

Terror-D also touched on the area of the fans. He said the fans are entitled to love Kao Denero, Boss La, Terror-D himself, Drizilik or Emmerson. According to him, supporting anyone mentioned above should not stop you from supporting another musician. Being a fan of Kao Denero or Boss La should not stop you from supporting or promoting a song that is being released by Terror-D or any other musician; he advised. He said some fans thought that if they support or promote other artist, they have betrayed their artists. According to him, such fans are betraying Sierra Leone. He advised the fans not to fight for being loyal to the artist but to fight for being loyal to the industry. He added that fans can have their favourite artists but they should still support good music from other artists. He urged everyone to move forward with the industry.

The rapper ended the video by urging everyone to change their mentality and move the industry forward. He promised to talk about the politics in the entertainment industry on his next video.

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