The Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show is on fire and chaos as prominent housemates fighting over a man. In their review of nominated housemates and reasons to the nomination, Julie Tombo and Lolo were up against each other fighting over who owns Mamie Thomas.

It could be recalled on week 1 one of the Housemates Salone show, Mamie Thomas was coupled with Juliana D Conteh aka Julie Tombo. According to Osman Bendy aka Mamie Thomas, he had had a connection with Julie before entering the house and that, Julie has once told him she was crushing on him. Because of their closeness, Mamie was accused of having sex with Julie in the swimming pool.

As life is always unpredictable, It later turned out that Mamie Thomas wasn’t into Julie and chose Lolo. According to Lolo, Mamie Thomas had proposed to her on the second week of their stay in the house but she has walking on eggshells and trying to observe the kind of person Mamie Thomas is, that prompted to her rejecting the proposal at first. She furthered that with weeks of observation, she finally made her mind up to give it a go to him.

At the diary room when each housemates to nominate couple to be evicted, Lolo chose Julie and Karafilo. According to her her, she has no bad intentions for Karafilo but she has to choose both for the sake of Julie. Her choice came as a result of her smelling the rat that Julie has set a plan and plotting against her in the house despite her normal praises and admiration of how intelligent Lolo is in the house. “I didn’t want to fall into her trap that is why I nominated her for eviction.” She disclosed.

She also added that Julie is a snitch as she has many times pretended to be nice to her and told her she admired her in the house but yet she planned against her. “….and that is not a fair play” she ended.

The Yagba Diva who on countless occasions proven she deserved the name by causing chaos in the house, Juliana D Conteh aka Julie Tombo was asked to explained her own of the story and reasons for her nomination, she claimed she nominated Lolo because she is a conspiracy liar, gossiper etc. ..”and I have a proof of that..”

Julie went on to say that, Lolo wanted to use Mamie Thomas against her. Backing up her claims, she mentioned she has noticed on countless occasions wherein Lolo was discussing with other housemates seeing her as a target. Provoking the mind of Lolo, Julie tod her she is Vulnerable and herself and Mamie Thomas know that he is not in love with her.

Revealing the reason she put Lolo up for eviction Julie sees Lolo as a distraction for Mamie Thomas. This she was said because herself and Mamie Thomas had a discussion on what he would do in the house, but as Mamie Thomas got hooked up with Lolo he has diverted his mind into something else.

On her concluding part of her drama, she also alleged Lolo of wanting to have an affair with his boyfriend Nohmi George from Dubai. This was because of her claim of Lolo asking Nohmi George to iron her dress for her. “…how dare you told my boyfriend to iron for you…” She blasted at Lolo.

You can never take Mamie Thomas from me. This become personal when you try that. “…that is a personal issue when you want to turn someone I love so much against me…” She explained her emotions about Mamie Thomas.