Mayor Aki-Sawyer Describes Deliberate Dumping of Trash on The Streets of Freetown

The Freetown City Mayor, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer has expressed dissatisfaction over the deliberate dumping of trash all over the streets of Freetown. She made a video of herself, capturing the piles of trash she saw on the early hours of yesterday the 12th December 2021 on her dumped on the street, right in front of the Connaught Hospital, when she was on her way to church.

In the Video the Mayor explained how she felt heartbroken to see that despite their effort to keep the city clean, it appears that it is a total waste of time. She said that when she enquires from the people of that vicinity, they told her that it was overnight that some people may have dumped the trash there, as it was not there the day before that Sunday.Β  She describes the act as a clear attempt to derail the sanitation in the city.

She furthered that similar attempts had been made on the previous months wherein huge piles of dirt were thrown all over the city, adding that the Freetown city council had to call on the cleaners and tricycle guys to sweep off and clear those dirt and that now the same thing have repeated its self

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“The Goal and ambition to transform Freetown only works when people work” she said. She advises all Freetonians to discourage such act and work together with the Freetown city council to keep the city clean.

She ended by stating that when Freetown is clean, it will be all Freetonians that will get the praise not the Freetown city Mayor.


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