As the housemate Salone season 3 “the yagba season” continue, more interesting dramas are unfolding each and every day. Juliana Conteh aka Julie Tombo and Nohmi George have been lovers since the start of the show.

There were other housemates who wanted to date Julie but she kept rejecting them, as Nohmi was also liked by other ladies but also keeps rejecting them for the sake of their relationship.

Unfortunately for Nohmi, he got evicted on the seventh week which has led Julie to passionately kiss one of the men in the house Almon Sall.
Almon Sall is one on the guys that really wanted Julie before now, and has even propose to Julie in front of Nohmi Julie’s boyfriend which she denied.

After some hours away from the kissing, Julie asked all the other housemates to gathered in the living room as she wants to talk to they.

As they all seats to listen what Julie wanted to say, she starts by saying when someone’s in a reality TV show like theirs no one should be trusted.
She went further to state that she kissed Almon to prove that.


Julie said when Nohmi was evicted, he gives Almon a message to deliver to her which Almon did but she never give him ears.“julie Nohmi said he really loves you”.

“I kissed Almon to prove to Nohmi and the world that not every body you should trust with certain information. Nohmi knows the intentions of Almon toward me why should he gives him such a message”.

In responding to Julie Almon starts by saying, in any relationship respect is the utmost priority. “If Julie really loves and respect Nohmi, she there is nothing to prove wrong”.

Almon continue by saying, the kiss from Julie was so passionate as if she has waited for such opportunity for a long time and thinks Julie was happy Nohmi got evicted.

He ends by saying Julie has regretted her actions that’s the reason she called others to talk about the issue, which Julie denied she never regretted anything.