Every housemates show has got its own unique Vybz it portrays. Among them was the previous Housemates Salone Season 2 which was filled with Love, games, entertainment, and many more. Unlike the season 2, HMSL season 3 has got more drama, more love and more of everything in the season 2 show.

The yagba season is now at a point we expected those who can’t stand a chance to let go. As the saying goes ‘The game get yagba en if you nor able pull an’. Housemates Salone Season 3 has taken a different diversion as celebrities are endorsing their favourite housemates in the house. Francis Mo Conteh popularly know as Karafilo was endorsed by the CEO of RFM among others. We have had celebrities nominating and endorsing their contestant (s) and urging their fans to keep voting for them to extend their stay in the house as every Sunday is an unexpected day for evicted housemates.

Recently on her Facebook page, Former Housemates Salone Season 2 Contestant Marihanna Walker endorsed and showed her loyalty to Juliana Doye Conteh popularly known as Julie Tombo as he favourite housemate in this HMSL season 3 aka the yagba season show.

According to the celebrity, she loves everything about Julie Tombo. This ranges from her past experiences, to being a strong mama of six children and off course the dramas that the drama queen performs in the house.

Julie Tombo has been leading the Housemates Salone Season 3 voting for weeks now. She has been having over 30% of every week of eviction. This means she is a threat to all in the house. If her fans continued to do their thing like they have been doing over the weeks, she stands a chance of winning the Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV Show with off course the Le250,000,000.00 (Two-Hundred and Fifty Million Leones). The contestant being endorsed by a former Housemates salone season 2 contestant is a bonus to her performance. This is because Marihanna Walker is a social media influencer and celebrity, she can influence her fans and supporters into sending more votes to Julie Tombo.

On her Facebook post she posted:

Na team Julie Tombo r dae oooo… I support Julie Tombo for housemates salone season3. Team baby mama we move. I love everything about julie❤️❤️”