The Housemates Salone season 3 reality TV show has been known since its launch on 22nd May 2022 for place of fun. The house if always filled with games and educational projects to keep contestants mentally steady and also provoked their minds and teaching them the importance of team spirit. Among all these also is the drama that is one of most fun part of the house. 

Presently, the housemates Salone is in Chaos as Julie Tombo and Nata are seriously fighting each other over Nohmi George. This fight of theirs started yesternight before they went to bed and resumed this morning again.

Julie Tombo

According to pieces of information gather from fellow contestants, they claimed that Julie Tombo is over protective on Nohmi George and that she doesn’t want other contestants to go too dam close on Nohmi. This Palava went to the extreme that both parties bashed themselves with words that are beyond our imagination.

Aminata T Mansaray

The truth to the reasons of their palaver is yet to be known as there were claims that Julie Tombo and Nata had  had issues before they even entered the house. According to George, he doesn’t want people to think he is a player as a result of the incident, and added that he wanted the house to know that Nata and Julie had had issues before the show.

Grand chief of the house has proposed of having a discussion with them and we are waiting for details to pop up, though Julie Tombo claimed she would not say a word to Chief if she is asked. If she really hid to her words, this could lead her to loosing points in the house for disobedience.