Men do a lot of things to try and attract women. Some of them work, and well, some of them crash and burn.

The problem is that most men really have no idea what women find attractive about men. This is what leads them to shooting in the dark and hoping for the best.

To really get your attraction levels soaring you have to know what women actually find attractive about men, all the time, not some time. Take the guess work out of attraction.

1. Dominance – Women absolute love dominance in a man.

Now this doesn’t mean you walk around like the best thing since sliced bread and chain your woman to the stove, but it does mean you are in control. You take control, you command control and your control is incredibly attractive to females.

2. Confidence – Similar to dominance, confidence will make women swoon over you.

They adore the alpha male that stands in front of the line. You can’t be the little puppy that just falls in line. Be sure and proud of who you are, confidence in yourself and what you do is what will reel women in like the catch of the day.

3. Relax – Women really like it when you seem calm and relaxed. Now this doesn’t mean you need to pop a Valium before talking to a woman but it does mean you need to take a few deep breaths and just cool it. When you appear relaxed women will take notice at how cool calm and collected you are.

4. Hygiene – An incredibly important and yet overlooked part of attracting women is hygiene. Yes, appearances are important, they are what shows the world how you care for yourself. Poor hygiene shows that you don’t respect yourself and that DOES NOT attract women. It’s also important because I don’t know a single time when two people met eyes across a crowded room and said “Wow he looks smart.”

5. Be Fun – When you are the “life of the party” everyone INCLUDING women want to be around you. They see fun people and automatically assume they will have fun being around them. Now being fun can be anything from being a social butterfly to always having a good time no matter where you go. No matter which suits you BE FUN and women will respond.

6. Be Positive – Being happy will really attract great attention. No one wants to hang out with a gloomy Gus, so if you’re moping around you are not going to attract women, in fact it will be the antithesis of attraction. You will push people away. You will find them turning and walking the opposite direction rather than engaging you.

7. Be Generous – Being giving is a good way to get female attention and it will be very positive attention. This doesn’t mean kill your bank account trying to be the cool guy that gives everything anyone asks for, but it does mean you shouldn’t shy away from offering drinks, food or something that will help them at that moment. Giving will make you appear to be the care taker and women love when men take care of them.

8. Be Chivalrous – As much as people say “Chivalry is dead” it doesn’t mean it can’t be revived. And trust me women will eat it up like the last box of Chunk Munky ice cream. Open doors for them, pull chairs out and be all around a knight in shining armor. Chivalry is NOT dead and it will win women over time and time again.

9. Be Spontaneous – Spontaneity shows excitement and women don’t want to be a part of a humdrum life. Women love spontaneous acts of passion and romance. They love it when they are surprised and when you keep things interesting no woman will be able to resist.

10. Show Commitment – Before you freak out and have a heart attack this doesn’t mean you should get down on one knee and ask the girl to marry you. It just means you need to show her you are capable of commitment and you don’t shy away from it like most men. Women love when men can commit and showing her you can, will lock in your position at the top of her list.