Housemate Salone Season three continues and it’s the fifth week.

As the slogan for this season is the “Yagba season” the show is really trending in that direction, as the Yagba continues every day in the house.
New dramas, gist, love, gossip, and suspense emerge each day.

As the housemates were having their usual conversations the chief of the house called upon them to gather in the entertainment room and gave them the debating topic for the day and asked all housemates to get a seat because a new movie is going to be played for them to view.

To their deepest surprise diary session of each housemate is been shown on the screen.

Housemates entered the diary room with their couple for the week.

The couples were asked to nominate another couple to be evicted the following day wherein two couples were the most nominated Julianna Conteh Francis Conteh and Paul Mbayo Aminata Tejan Mansaray.

This act by the chief has made housemates to know who their real friends are in the house.