Edward Wright had points deducted from him because he failed to take part during the carry your partner challenge, as he was partnered with Patricia Will.

During the carry your partner challenge Edward Wright was seen seated alongside his partner Patricia Will, whilst all the other housemates were taking part in the carry your partner challenge

This has left many wondering if his abstinence from the challenge is because of his partner’s weight

Whilst others were sweating to lift their partners Edward sat down in an “I can’t kill myself” manner

After the challenge which was won by Mamie Thomas and Lolo Simeon, Madam Chief call on Edward to stand and said to him that he has lost 5 point for disobeying an order from the Madam Chief.

Later during her diary session Patricia was asked about how she felt about her partner and the incident of him not carrying her. She rushed to his defense by claiming that Edward had a problem with his left arm and couldn’t lift anything heavy, she also state that she actually stopped him from competing  because she was afraid for him as his arm was not in good shape.