Franklyn Gibson has been giving 48hours to make Juju Jeks fall in love with him by Madam Chief as the two are coupled for the week

During his diary session Franklyn said he is not happy with himself because he has not being winning task and also state that he hope to couple with someone who will help him win more task

When asked about how he sees his current partner Juju Jeks, he boldly said he sees her as a daughter because she calls Mimi her mum and he confess that he has something going with Mimi.

This gives cause to Madam Chief to give Franklyn a secret task to make Juju like him not as a father.

Housemates fans will be waiting to see how the drama will unfolds when Franklyn start to comply with the task giving to him, to make someone who called his crush mother fall for him also

More details to come