Julie Tombo was in rage as she declares hate and intention to fight with fellow housemate Nata as the two have been fighting for the past weeks

As the standoff continues between Julie and Nata in the housemate Salone season 3, housemates were asked by the chief to say why they dislike another housemate in the house

There was heat again when Julie was asked to speak whilst making her points on why she dislikes Nata, Julie made it clear that she completely dislikes Nata and doesn’t even see her as a person, she raged that the fact Nata brought her kids into their issue makes her mad as hell.

Julie went on to state that it’s a pity they are not allowed to fight, because she would have beaten Nata up.

She made it clear that she doesn’t speak about Nata’s kids and when Nata speaks about her kids she became cold and wanna fight and beat Nata up

Julie emphasizes that Nata will never be her friend; even after the show they will never be friends