In one of the Sessions of the Road Map for Recovery in Sierra Leone, Moderated by Amb. Sheku Foryoh, the Leader and Chairman of the Republic National Independent Party (ReNIP), Beresford Victor Williams, who was the keynote speaker, reveal how Sierra Leone can be fully developed, with references to some of the hindrances to youths in obtaining leadership positions in Sierra Leone.

ReNIP over the years has proffer possible solutions to the problems affecting the country, including the unending political violence, on which the Party suggested for the creation of a democratic society for the citizens to be inclusive after any party five years mandate is over to step down and to allow a unity government to run the country until the general elections.

Speaking with the Moderator, Mr Williams started by highlighting the areas for recovery of problems youths’ faces in Sierra Leone, which are: youths Self belief and Self worth, Education and Training, Employment and Job opportunities, Health and Social Welfare, Law Making and Politics, Resources Management etc.

Mr Williams continued that to recover these problems, they will work on youths Self Belief and Self worth, on their Education and Training, will create Employment and Job Opportunities, good Health and Social Welfare, will involve them in Law Making and Politics as well as help them in Resources Management.

Responding to questions posed by the moderator, Chairman Williams mentioned that some of the hindrances to the youths in obtaining leadership positions are: their level of education and their lack of self belief and self worth.

When asked why politicians do uses the youths to fight themselves? And why is it that youths do not contest as candidates for different leadership positions? He responded that certain politicians do use the youths to fight each other because certain people who have been in power still want to hang onto power and that youths do not contest as candidates for different leadership positions because they do not know the procedures and moreover. It has been made difficult for them in Sierra Leone to contest for such positions.

Chairman Williams, responding to Moderator Foyoh’s questions of why it is that youths do not support each other in election process? And why is it that youth who have the strength and know-how, the youth are jobless? Said that youths do not support each other in the election process because they prefer to collect money from those already in power and support them rather than supporting fellow youths who do not have anything to give them in return and that Youths are not employed because the government refuses to give them jobs so that the youths will rely on them and they will be able to use them when elections are near.

“Dem dae use dem den afterwards den dump dem, dis na becuz den wan for dae control dem. The strategy is that if you keep the people poor they will always depend on you, this is why the youths are kept at that level”, he said.

He ended with a piece of advice to the youths of Sierra Leone to come together as one to push forward for a better Sierra Leone.