After several weeks in the Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show aka the Yagba season show, housemate Almon Sall has today revealed the root behind his success in his modeling career.

Among the housemates with determination and dedicated in the house, Almon Sall has proven to be one of them. While in the house having discussions on trending issues and how people have created impacts in their lives, Almon Sall mentioned that he is what he is because of Natasha Beckley who paved the way for him by giving him a limelight on one of her shows she organizes. Natasha Beckley owns on of the biggest entertainment platforms in Sierra Leone. She owns and organizes Miss Sierra Leone, Miss Earth etc

“I am what I am because of Natasha Beckley” he mentioned this to his housemate Paul Mbayo in their bed room. According to Almon, he has been struggling over the years trying to reach the peak wherein he could be like the famous stars on TV but it was so difficult not until he was given an opportunity by Natasha Beckley in one of her shows and that show gave him the limelight. “….And that show gave me the limelight” Almon disclosed.

When he was given the opportunity, Almon grabbed it and utilized it well. During the show, he displayed his full potentials to have win but unfortunate for him. Despite being the winner of that show, he was able to won the shwo but it was unfortunately for him, yet ye was able to grab best platform presentation, most popular Model and off course best quality pictures were all he could attained. However, despite unable to win the show, Almon was very happy for the opportunity given to him because the show exposed him beyond his expectations.

In his dream to represent Sierra Leone in pageant shows, Almon has been faced with financial issues despite the passion and enthusiasm to do the game is always there. He added again, he had wanted to represent Sierra Leone on one occasion to Poland under the canopy of Natasha Beckley but it didn’t come to past, but after all the happenings, he is forever grateful to Natasha Beckley for the opportunity given and also commended his honest manager and the team for their restless efforts over the years to see him achieve his dreams.