Sierra Leonean rapper and CEO of Red Flag Muzik, Boss LA boasted that he built his house after his first show at Family Kingdom.

Boss LA is known for staying in hotels since he started coming home in 2009. According to him, he prefers staying in a hotel than his house because of privacy. Sierra Leoneans accused the rapper for living a fake life and wasting his money. They said he should have built a house instead of wasting so much money in staying in hotels.

On his Facebook live at Swiss Hotel with Diamond Prince, a singed artist under RFM, the rapper cleared the air that he built his house after his first show at Family Kingdom in 2009.

Boss LA made his first show in 2009 at Family Kingdom. It was the most successful show when he came home from the United States with his first album “Money Na Bank”. The album was a global hit with the lead single “Money na Bank”. With his lifestyle, talent and appearance, he became the most loved Sierra Leonean artist.

On his Facebook live, he also sent a shot at Kao Denero, Ambassador of Special Envoy for Investments and Entertainment. As the former president of Sierra Leone DJs Union, Pilot CPO resigned as Board Member, Boss LA asked why he resigned. The rapper said nothing is working in that executive. That is the reason they decided to stay with the people.