When we looked in the house and pondered who the right person to have become the winner of the Housemates Salone Season 3 Reality TV show, Osman Bendu aka Mamie Thomas comes in the picture. Entering the house as a poor contestant who solely relied on fans to increase his days and weeks in the house, Osman Bendu aka Mamie Thomas was determined and focus in his first few weeks in the house.

After having attempted to join the platform since the first season, the following season, the comedian was finally given the opportunity in this Housemates Salone Season 3. With determination and a strong will of not giving up so easily, the contestants was able to be part of the fortunate 22 out of 60 to enter the house.

His first week of the house was splendid as he went in with determination. In the house, colleague housemates knew him to be annoying and as well fun to be with as he makes the house lively when it seems bored. He is also known to be the most inquisitive (Kongosa) person in the house. He loved drawing and causing drama in way that people quarrel.

Despite coming from a poor background who has a dream of winning the grand price of the show, the contestant was evicted on the 6th week of the show which the Mamie Thomas considered a blessing after all.

In the Housemates Salone Fans Zone with it’s wonderful host, Hurai Bangurah, Mamie Thomas was asked his journey in the house and what his reactions were after knowing that he has been evicted.

“I knew my days in the house were over way before the eviction nights because I had happenings in the house made me realized that….” Osman Bendu told Hurai. Among the housemates that had time with the SLCB cushions in the Housemates, it was Mamie Thomas that had the most time with them, he even went with one to bed during his stay in the house.

Explaining to Hurai how he was able to know he is out of the show Mamie Thomas narrates that he had a dream and a sign that told him he is out. According to Mamie Thomas, he had a dream where he was to attend an interview but the sooner he went outside the door to the eviction stage, he woke up.

He added that, what made him realized that his days in the house were over was because of the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank cushions that went missing in the house unnoticed including the one he slept with. At that point he knew it was over for him in the house and it’s time to go home and continue with his schooling. “I woke with one SLCB cushion which also went missing in the house without anyone having and idea of where they are” Mamie Thomas narrated. “…at that moment in time, my heart told me my days are over in the house…” He continued.