One of Sierra Leone’s finest Multimedia Journalists, Vickie Remoe has confirmed in a Facebook post that she was afraid that the Unifest stage would collapse during the event. It appears that her statement insinuates that she envisaged the stage tragedy of the event while performing her role as a host.

As the MC at the said Unifest event on December 25th, 2022 at Sugarland Beach, she narrated her ordeals and the circumstances leading to the stage collapse of the Christmas event by posting “I was afraid the stage would break. I spent most of the night trying to get people off the stage.

Then a big artist came out and all people rushed onto the stage. The stage broke. Security for the talent and the audience is key.” She noted.

However, she believes people have been spreading rumours that she went to Unifest and broke the stage.

She has further clarified the above rumours as she states “I want to make it clear that yes the stage did break but it was broken by a person or persons who are fans of a certain big artist.”

There have been several concerns from Sierra Leoneans about her safety and state of being after the event though she confirmed that she looks cute though.

Vickie has been an advocate for the growth of Sierra Leonean Stories online. She holds the view that Sierra Leonean stories are missing out because it takes a combination of multimedia Journalists and media producers to shape them.

The rationale behind organizing the UNIFEST event is to showcase the country’s university culture and at the same time give platforms to talents within these universities.