According to Awoko Newspaper the Member of Parliament representing Constituency 042 Falaba district, Honourable Lahai Marrah has disclosed that he was attacked by 11 youths claiming to be supporters of Dr Kaifala Marah who just declared his intention to run for the APC flag bearer.

I am a member of the ITGC and also elected to serve in the committee of five charged with the responsibilities of Membership data verification of unresolved issues and also the Registration of New Members into the APC,” he said

He maintained that he was selected by the five-man Committees to coordinate the Northern Region on the Registration exercise that started on Friday the 16th of December 2022.

According to Hon Marrah, he was distributing Registration materials for the entire Northern Region and he got to the town of Mongo on the very day the registration was to start. He explained that upon his arrival he was informed that, Kaifala Marah would be declaring his ambition for the Presidency under the APC the following day, which was the 17th of December 2022.

He stated that based on such information they agreed to move the Mongor centre to Karawanie about 6 miles after Mongor for the Registration process to commence since Kaifala is declaring in Mongo

“Entering Mongo, I was ambushed by a group of about eleven Youths believed to be supporters of Kaifala Marah having dangerous weapons like sticks, stones and machetes.

They wanted to chop off my head and destroy the materials,” he said, stating that the youths were shouting, “You are a Korankoh man and you’re not supporting Kaifala Marah.”

They alleged he said, that he had declared his support for Samura Kamara to lead the APC in the 2023 general election. Hon Marrah said he is na Member of the ITGC and he should be seen as independent in executing those duties.

“Since I became a member of the Committee, I have never declared my support for any Flag-bearer” he assured, explaining that he was attacked at Constituency 041 which is been represented by Hon. Alusine Marah whom he usually travels with while carrying out their Constituencies functions.

He explained that he was travelling with Hon. Alusine Marah and they were using Hon. Alusine’s vehicle. That was the vehicle that was ambushed and burnt on the way. Hon Alusine he said, was going there to meet with his people.

The Hon Member representing Constituency 042 stated that he can identify the youths that ambushed them, adding that it was an ambush and he was too panicked to resist them despite being around 11 people as it was an ambush they were not expecting.

“I have made a statement to the police and they promised to investigate the matter further,” he said, maintaining that in the struggle for power and dominance, the people of Falaba will vote for APC in 2023.

“The hardship is not only being experienced in Freetown but all over Sierra Leone,” he maintained, stating that he is protected as he has called on the security to look into the matter seriously as we are going towards the election.

“Tribalism and hate messages should have no place in our society. Everyone has a right to support. It doesn’t mean because I’m a Korankoh,